Lincoln teen to advocate for The U.S. Tennis Association

LINCOLN, Neb. The U.S. Open is underway in New York and for one Lincoln high school student her passion for tennis has given her a role to recruit others and the trip of a lifetime.

Clare Plachy has been playing tennis since she was just seven years old and for the next year and a half she will serve as one of just 17 Net Generation Advocates for the U.S. Tennis Association.

“It’s always just been fun,” said Plachy. “It’s never been like a job. I never say ‘Ugh I have to go to tennis practice today' it’s always been ‘Oh I get to go and have fun with my friends, on and off the court.”

Clare started playing for fun but as the years went by and her talent continued to develop she joined more competitive leagues and started to take on leadership roles in the Midwest.

“I was on a council for just the Missouri Valley,” said Plachy. “After that it was a year process then I got selected to be nominated for this one, and then I got it.”

This Friday she will fly to New York City to join 16 other advocates at the U.S. Open. There she will help with Arthur Ashe Kid’s Day and start her role to inspire a younger generation to start playing the game.

“I see little kids out there at three and then I see 80-year-olds playing and they’re having fun and the three year olds are having fun,” said Plachy.

Clare hopes what she learns in New York can be brought back to the Lincoln community and even when her time with the program is up she hopes to keep playing and recruiting in the tennis community.

“It’s so exciting to see this new world that I’m going to be in this weekend because I’ve never really been outside the Missouri Valley so it’s just really exciting to do that,” said Plachy.

Clare will serve in her role with the U.S. Tennis Association until December of 2020.