Lincoln woman fights for 22 months to get her car back

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln woman says she's been struggling to get her car back for 22 months.

Doris Harris has been without her car for 22 months, after it was stolen and involved in a hit and run in 2017. (Source: Doris Harris)

That's because it was impounded as evidence after it was stolen and involved in a hit and run.

The accident in August of 2017 resulted in one man losing his leg, while the man who stole the car has since been sentenced and is appealing his conviction.

Meanwhile the car's owner is still waiting for her vehicle.

"I’ve been calling them every day since the trial was over,” said Doris Harris.

The black Charger was impounded after it was stolen and was involved in an accident.

"Why should I have to pay a holding fee when the state, the coroners car came and took my car from my yard,” said Harris.

Harris says just last month she spoke with the County Attorney about her problem.

"His boss offered me a bus pass, I don't take no bus,” said Harris.

Then, she received a letter from the city saying she had five days to pick it up, or the title would go to the city.

After calling Capital Towing, she says they told her it would be $1,500 since it was released 96 days ago.

"They want they money or they selling my car in five days. They was like yeah you can come get it, if we get our bread,” said Harris.

The County Attorney tells 10/11 NOW, it was only released six days ago and fees are up to the towing service and police.

10/11 NOW called Capital Towing and they declined to comment.
"I’ve got to do something within five days,” said Harris.

After our first newscast about the story, Doris called 10/11 NOW to say Capital Towing said it could be released for $170.

Lincoln Police say that's the towing fee.

Doris says she was able to pick up her car but now it's missing the gear shifter.

We are still looking into why it will cost her $170, even though it was stolen.