Lincoln woman makes quilts for Habitat for Humanity families

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - A Lincoln woman is doing her part to give back to the community by making quilts for people who have homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

Cindy Milligan makes quilts for Habitat for Humanity families and toddlers at local hospitals.

Cindy Milligan said she started sewing at 8-years-old. She would make quilts for friends and family but ran out of people to make them for.

"I don't keep a lot of them. I give them as gifts. I donate them to the church or other charity projects," Milligan said.

She personalizes most of her quilts with unique patterns and a special quote on the back to congratulate the family on their new home.

When she heard Habitat for Humanity had operated for 30 years in Lincoln, she wanted to make something special.

Milligan said, "I kind of brainstormed a little house and made a community of houses."

She made the quilt from pieces of other quilts she's made for Habitat for Humanity families. She put a different quote on the back of this quilt to congratulate Habitat for Humanity for "providing hope through God's love for 30 years".

Milligan said she enjoys the whole process of making quilts, but loves to see people's reactions once they get it.

"If you receive a quilt, that means that person really thinks you are important or your organization is important."

When she retires, her goal is to spend more time making quilts and make one every three months.