Lincoln woman uses upcoming birthday to help others

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - This month a Lincoln woman is doing something special to celebrate her 40th birthday. But instead of asking for gifts for herself, she's using her birthday month as a way to help other people.

Mindy Diller is collecting feminine hygiene products for her 40th birthday and will donate them to local non-profits and organizations

Mindy Diller hopes to collect 4,000 feminine hygiene products, for 40 years of life.

Halfway through the month, Diller has nearly hit her goal. She's collected a total of 3,881 feminine hygiene products.

The idea to collect items for local shelters and non-profits started back in 2017. Diller volunteers at The Gathering Place, a Community Action partner which provides a variety of programs to fight poverty and help people reach economic stability.

She asked what they needed, the answer: chapstick.

"I thought well that's easy enough. So I sent out a message to friends and I put it on the Make Lincoln Kind Again Facebook page, and it totally took off," said Diller.

Since 2017, Diller's collected items including shampoo, conditioner and makeup. Now it's feminine hygiene products. She chose those items because it's an item that's a necessity, but easy to forget about.

"You use feminine hygiene products and you just don't think, that people can't afford those things or might have to make a decision you know am I going to pay my light bill, or am I going to buy these products that I need?"

Since spreading the word at the beginning of the month, Diller's already received thousands. People drop them off at work, send them to her through Amazon or they're left in a bin on her front porch.

As the days go by and she gets closer to her 40th birthday, the pile in her spare bedroom continues to grow.

"It makes me feel good! It also makes me feel good to see friends or family or people that I know donate, and you know most of the time they'll just say this is so great!"

Diller has about 120 feminine hygiene products to go to reach 4,000. But she said the best birthday gift would be to surpass her goal.

She's collecting items through the end of the month. If you'd like to donate, you can email her