Lincoln woman wins $10,000 from Publishers Clearing House

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - The Prize Patrol from Publishers Clearing House, known for awarding over millions of dollars in prizes to people all over the country, traveled to Lincoln on Friday to award a $10,000 prize.

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes traveled to Lincoln to present winner, Camille Himmelberg, with a $10,000 check. (Source: Kamri Sylve/KOLN)

Camille Himmelberg had no clue she was winning and was about to be presented with champagne, balloons, a dozen of roses and the big check.

Camille mentioned that she's been entering different sweepstakes with Publishers Clearing House for well over 10 years. Living her entire life in Lincoln, Camille said things like this don't normally happen to people living around the area.

Camille also said she's had her fair share of doubters and was happy to finally show off her big check as proof that winning is possible. A down payment on a brand new car is what Camille said would be the first thing she was going to do with her $10,000 check.

Nobody was home to catch the reaction of Camille and to help her celebrate, but she told 10/11 NOW that she and her boyfriend would be celebrating the big win tonight.