Lincoln's Urban Search & Rescue returning to Columbus on Friday

COLUMBUS, Neb. -- 16 members of Nebraska Task Force One will head to Columbus on Friday to assist in flood rescue efforts.

NEFT1 will include members of the Urban Search & Rescue Team based in Lincoln.

The 16 members will travel with 6 rescue boats, as well.

On Thursday, NETF1 was in Columbus assisting in rescues as water levels rose and people became trapped.

The team helped with flooding rescue efforts in Platte County for several hours, and a National Guard helicopter was brought in to help those stranded in homes. A team of crews from Columbus Fire and Lincoln Fire & Rescue was able to rescue at least one person and three pets.

"This is a different animal," he said. "The wind is our biggest challenge today that we had to encounter. You think seeing big surf waves in Hawaii or other places like that, and we had surf waves in Columbus. That's dangerous for people."