Local Boy Scout creates "ear savers" for frontline workers

14-year-old Spencer Jacobs is creating ear savers for frontline workers and first responders....
14-year-old Spencer Jacobs is creating ear savers for frontline workers and first responders. (Source: Spencer Jacobs)(KOLNKGIN)
Published: May. 14, 2020 at 8:46 PM CDT
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If you've been wearing a mask out in public for any amount of time you know how uncomfortable it can be on your ears.

Healthcare workers are required to wear them on their ten, even twelve hour shifts. Now, 14-year-old Boy Scout Spencer Jacobs from Hickman is hoping a little piece of plastic can make a big difference.

The little pieces of plastic are called ear savers.

"You just put that on the back of your head so instead of the straps hanging on your ears, they hang on the mask," said Jacobs.

The 3D-printed ear savers take just about 10 minutes each to make and Spencer can make 12 in an hour between his two 3D printers.

He says he was just looking for a way to help out.

"We just always wanted to get a 3D printer and we thought now since everybody is wearing masks, the frontline workers, the healthcare workers, police and firefighters, all those people are wearing masks now in their daily job," Jacobs said. "We just wanted to help the community."

Now, Jacobs can hardly keep up with demand. He's just made his 750th ear saver and they're being shipped all over the country.

"We've got some from Texas, Ohio, Illinois and local around here," said Jacobs.

Thursday alone, Jacobs hand-delivered 160 ear savers to CHI Health, Lincoln Surgical, Lincoln Vision Center, and a dentist's office.

"When we started this we really didn't know are we going to make 10 of them and be done or are we going to make 10,000 of them," said David Jacobs, Spencer's dad. "We still don't know how many people this will impact or how widespread this will go."

Its a life lesson says the Jacobs family says we all could use.

"Even an individual, you know, a young man like himself," said David. "14-year-olds can make an impact and it's a positive impact."

Jacobs is giving ear savers out to fronline workers for free, but if you want to donate, he has a

set up.

For anyone who is not a frontline worker who wants an Ear Saver, they are $1.00.