Local artist makes selfie wall for healthcare workers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - As health care workers continue to fight COVID-19 around the clock, one local artist is using his talents to tell them thank you in his own colorful way.

John Humiston owns Umbrella Photo Booth. Since the start of the pandemic, he said his business has completely stopped, but that isn't keeping him from saying thank you.

Humiston designed a selfie wall and teamed up with Firespring Printing to install it at both of Bryan Health's Lincoln campuses. He said he was inspired by the quote "Angels live among us."

The wall features large, rainbow colored angel wings. Healthcare workers can stand in front of the wall, and have their picture taken.

"I thought it was just very fitting," Humiston said. "They're doing things that they're not expected to do, you know? I mean, they're there to save lives and take care of people but there's so much more to it than what we see."

Humiston says he got the idea to create the selfie wall from a friend of his who contracted COVID-19.

"He wasn't on a ventilator, but he was in the hospital for several days, and thankfully he survived, but he told me about all the stress," Humiston said. "The stress was not only from him, but from the people who are working day in and day out to take care of him. I wanted to use my gifts to say thank you to them, because they don't have to do that."

Humiston said he doesn't know how long the mural will be up on the wall of Bryan Health, but he hopes that it brings a smile to faces and lets healthcare workers know how much they're appreciated right now.

"I felt like they needed to have something," Humiston said. "They needed just that moment of levity where they could just walk by, take a quick picture with a selfie wall and hopefully bring a smile to their face, under their mask but with their eyes at least."