Local auto shop swamped after string of larcenies

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN)- Recent car break-ins are keeping local auto repair shops busier than ever.

(Source: KOLN).

The owner of one local shop tells 10/11 NOW over the last few weeks they have fixed dozens of broken windshields and windows and the cars just keep coming.

"I would say four incidents, 20 windows at a time, so yeah it's a little much,” said Capital Auto Glass co-owner, Matt Bohaboj.

Bohaboj, a co-owner of Capital Auto Glass, says they've been getting calls non-stop from people whose cars were broken into and/or vandalized.

"I’d almost say overwhelmed, you know, we've got everybody flying around doing eight and nine jobs a day, out of four of us,” said Bohaboj.
And getting those parts hasn't been easy either.

He says just because you bring your car in, doesn't mean they have a windshield ready to go right away.

"Some of these vehicles you would think, 80's, 90's, are getting hard to get glass in general,” said Bohaboj.

For those older cars they have to order from other states usually which takes days and then when it arrives, the clean-up starts, which takes a few hours.

"Most of this glass is tempered, so it breaks into a million little pieces and scatters all over the car,” said Bohaboj.

And although it is good for business, Bohaboj says he feels for the customers.

"Money they don't expect to spend and there it is. Kind of sets them back a little bit. I know a few people have had to wait for paychecks or something else coming up,” said Bohaboj.

He says it'll cost you around $200 to fix one window and unfortunately for some, he says a lot of people come in with three to four windows busted out.