Local gun shop, Liberty Arms, closing

Published: Sep. 4, 2017 at 8:35 PM CDT
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After 3 years of business the local gun shop, Liberty Arms, will be closing come the end of September.

Robert Kay owns Star City Motor Sports and is co-owner of Liberty Arms. He said people just simply aren't buying as many guns anymore, part of it is political and another factor is competitors.

Kay opened his gun store with high hopes of it succeeding. He said with the lack of people wanting to come to a small mom and pop shop verse bigger stores, Liberty Arms just wasn't making a profit.

He said it wasn't only going down hill when Trump came into office, but that's definitely when their sales dropped the most. They still haven't recovered.

"With the election last year, it took away some of the motivation people had to buy guns and stock up. And so we had a heart to heart conversation this spring or summer really and said, okay we've been loosing money what do we see happening within the next three to four years," said Kay.

They didn't see anything changing in the coming years, with another election three years off, the economy or the population of Lincoln.

Stores like Walmart and Scheels, Kay said, are also a big part of why they closed. They lost a lot of customers to big stores who charged a little less. Mostly everything in store is marked down some even to 70 percent off.

Kay said they hope to sell as much of the remaining ammunition and guns as possible.

The store will be closed by September 30th. So far, they've sold about half of the inventory and are still working on finding a new tenant for the space.