Local musicians hold impromptu concerts for seniors

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - For many seniors social distancing means much more than working from home, it means staying in one room until COVID-19 passes.

Wednesday some Lincoln musicians brought their show on the road around one assistant living facility.

Its just two Mikes and a microphone playing shows at the Legacy Retirement Community in Lincoln.

"Do our part in bringing the music back to people from outside in with the strange, very odd circumstances we're in," said Mike Semrad one of the two musicians.

He and Mike McCracken pushed their instruments and gear so every side of the facility got a chance to hear the music.

"Feels like were on a mini tour and were breaking records playing the most shows in one day," said Semrad. "We're mobile and it feels good and everybody is safe and smiling and enjoying the music."

Residents came to windows, balconies and even outside to enjoy the show.

The Mikes say being able to help even a little bit means the world.

"Seeing people smile and kinda jiggle around like their dancing," said Semrad. "There's probably nothing in the world that makes me happier really."

The pair says they will continue to do concerts like this until they're performing inside the buildings once again.