Local reaction to President Trump's Inauguration speech

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) People all across our country watched President Trump's Inauguration speech Friday morning. Afterwards, people in the Capital City were reacting.

"I thought the speech was a little dark. I enjoyed flipping through channels, they don't want to be negative, but it wasn't promising," Tom Meyers of Lincoln said.

"I thought it ushers in a new time, obviously leaving one administration for another that is a different side of the political aisle," Todd Searls of Lincoln said.

In his speech, President Trump emphasized Americans wanting safer neighborhoods, more jobs and better schools.

"I'm just looking forward to see how Trump can work with his cabinet members over the next four years and just hoping for the best, hoping that they can make things a lot better than they are now," UNL Student, Jackson Schillelvein said.

In his speech Friday, President Trump said, "The oath of office I take today is an oath of allegiance to all Americans." Promising that every decision made moving forward will be made to benefit America's families, which is a message people in Lincoln say they can stand with.

"Now they have the opportunity to show us their policies and vision are going to be better for the nation. Anything that is good for America will be good for all of us, I will also have a healthy dose of skepticism," Searls said.