Lost Hurricane Wedding Rings? Few details from jeweler just days before ceremony

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COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. (WOWT) - Just days before her wedding a Council Bluffs woman fears her rings may be gone forever.

Mackenzie Hoppens said she trusted her engagement ring and wedding band with Kay Jewelers but they are telling her Hurricane Irma may have played an unexpected role in their disappearance.

“They literally told me 'we can't tell you where your ring went,'" Hoppens told our sister station WOWT 6 News.

While the Council Bluffs Kay Jewelers told her one thing Mackenzie Hoppens said their corporate offices are just as confused as she is. "They are unsure of as to why it got sent to Florida."

Hoppens said the local shop made it clear that they couldn't solder and resize the rings in their store. She had no idea it would possibly be shipped thousands of miles away less than a month before her big day.

"I never Ok’d it to go into a flood zone. I never Ok’d it to go where people are literally evacuating." She said a Council Bluffs manager told her they sent it to a location in Florida for repairs and that the last tracking information they have placed the rings in a warehouse that is now flooded.

She tells WOWT 6 News she hasn't been given much more information or evidence. "I really have no choice but to assume that something is wrong or that they're gone because the fact that I've never been offered to be reimbursed."

"No matter what they do they can never replace that so I do want our rings back. That's what I want," said her angry husband-to-be. Tim Menard said he saved up for a long time to afford the rings valued at more than $5,000. The engagement ring alone may be beyond replacement. "There's nothing they can do about it because it's not a Kay Jewelers piece."

Hoppens was told Kay Jewelers is now beginning an internal investigation. Other than that they've only heard apologies. "I don't really want an apology, I want my stuff back."

Kay Jewlers gave WOWT 6 News the following statement regarding Hoppens’ complaint: "We take all concerns very seriously and are dedicated to exceptional customer service at every stage of the consumer experience. We regret the delay the customer has experienced, and are working with the customer on resolving this issue.”

Hoppens and Menard are set to be married on the October 1st, 2017.