First snowfall of 2020 met with mixed feelings from city, contractors

(Source: Madsion Pitsch)
(Source: Madsion Pitsch)(KOLNKGIN)
Published: Jan. 10, 2020 at 9:50 PM CST
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Lincoln transportation crews said it'll keep 20 crews out monitoring roads applying salt pre-wet with brine on main roads and bridges after the first snowfall of 2020. Crews will be out monitoring streets until Saturday morning.

"60 snow fighters that are out right now, doing maintenance, some are out patrolling the areas making sure the brine is still holding, that the roads don't turn south on us," said Clayton Engelman, District Supervisor of Street Maintenance.

Trucks continue to put down a mixture of anti-ice brine and salt. Once the snow started falling the goal is to keep the streets from getting slick.

"We have a minimum of three trucks per route, we have 20 routes," said Engelman

City and county officials said this break in weather has been nice to catch up on repairs, but for some when there's no snow, there's no business. For private snow plow contractors, the lack of snow can be frustrating.

"Just not a whole lot to do," said Colby Digilio, owner of Green Expectations. "We hope for snow everyday and as soon as it does snow we get this half-inch to an inch.

So while the city and county got a chance to catch up on maintenance, others are hurting.

"We gotta have that snow," said Digilio. "Right now, we've just been sitting around. We keep our fingers crossed and hope for tons of snow, but some how it always shifts around us."

Digilio said that all they can do right now is sit and hope for a few feet of snow.

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