Lowe's warns about coupon scam

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If it seems to good to be true, it probably is. That's certainly the case with a new scam circulating the internet that is targeting Lowe's shoppers just in time for Mother's Day.

A free $50 Mother's Day coupon to Lowe's is spreading across Facebook.

The fake coupon appears as a shared link on your Facebook account. Once you click on it, you are taken to the fake Lowe's website. There is a fake survey designed to steal your information.

This scam is similar to one Lowe's faced in 2015, where a $100 coupon circulated on social media. It is identical to previous schemes involving Home Depot, Costco, Amazon and Kroger.

Each scam features similar components and the Better Business Bureau wants you to know how you can catch a Facebook scam, they have provided a list of red flags to watch for which we have put on the side of this article.