Malcolm car parade reunites students and teachers

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - It has been months since students and teachers have seen each other in person. But Wednesday night in Malcolm, they were able to reunite to say goodbye to the school year, and hello to summer.

(Source: KOLN).

Balloons, signs, pom poms, and a lot of smiles filled the parking lot at Malcolm Public Schools. This was a way for teachers and students to keep their distance but see each other again.

"Starting to see our teachers and see them before summer, it's pretty fun,” said one student.

All of the Pre-K through sixth-grade teachers lined up in the parking lot, catching up with each student and talking about what they've been up to over the last two months.

Families drove by in everything from trucks to vans, to even decorated golf carts.

"We've been away from them so long and it is just great to see them,” said fourth-grade teacher Stacy Kopecky.

Principal Amber Dolliver tells 10/11 NOW for the last two weeks of school, she wanted to do some fun, different things since it hasn't been a typical school year.

"It was such a sudden change middle of march when we had to shut down school, we didn't have a chance to say goodbye. So this is a good way to get everyone out of the house, put a smile on their face and tell them goodbye before summer,” said Dolliver.

In the middle of the grass was a blue sign thanking parents, but the parents say they're the ones who are thankful.

"It's almost even emotional, just being able to see everyone, and all of the hard work everybody has put in, but these teachers and the principal, the school is just incredible,” said one parent.

Many say the distant reunion was just what they needed during this difficult time and they can't wait to get back together in the classroom this fall.

"We love them and they did a great job while they were distant learning, we couldn't have done it without them or their parents, so we're thankful for everybody,” said Kopecky.