Malls adjust to changing shopping habits

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Gap is one of the original stores at SouthPointe Pavillions and now it's closing.

While brick and mortar stores might struggle, online shopping continues to grow.

Just last year the number of people making purchases online grew by 16%.

Now, local malls are changing their strategies to adjust to the shopping habits.

Out with the old, in with the new.

As consumer habits change, so do shopping malls.

"This is actually just a part of that process of kind of redefining SouthPointe, bringing in the new,” said Marketing Director, Julie Lattimer.

Lattimer says entertainment and experience is something the mall wants to focus on moving forward.

But also putting in new stores that people here in Lincoln want to see.

"It's a combination of what do people want to shop for but also what do they want to have in their lifestyle,” said Lattimer.

She says this all started with the addition of the new Scheels, adding they knew SouthPointe would be going through an evolution.

Scheels brought a focus on excitement, featuring its ferris wheel, fish tank and candy shop.

"People are going to Scheels both for the entertainment as well as the purchasing process,” said Lattimer.

Customers 10/11 NOW spoke with say the experience and new additions are what keeps them coming to the shopping center, even as online shopping continues to rise in popularity.

"It's kind of nice in the summer time to come out to the mall and be able to eat outside, and they have some music playing here usually, so that is kind of fun,” said Shopper, Jeri Douglass.

Entertainment is something Gateway Mall in Lincoln is also getting in on, with its addition of Round 1 Bowling and Amusement opening later this month.

Next year, the shopping mall is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the opening of its new parking garage.