Man cited for shooting neighbor's home with BB gun

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LINCOLN, Neb. – For the second time in ten days, Lincoln Police cited a 57-year-old man for firing a BB gun at his neighbor’s home and causing damage.

LPD said on Tuesday around 7 p.m., officers responded to a report of vandalism in the area of 29th and Pine Lake Road.

Several people who live in the area reported an ongoing problem with Rodney Simonson, 57, shooting a rifle BB gun, hitting nearby homes and causing damage.

Simonson had been cited previously by police on March 30.

Witnesses reported they have seen him shoot signs, trees, squirrels and nearby homes, police said.

According to LPD, he refused to sign his citations and made profane comments to an officer.

Simonson was cited for discharging a weapon, injure property of another and refuse to comply with the order of an officer.