Man sentenced for enticing, assaulting child

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OMAHA, Neb. -- An Omaha man will serve six years of prison time and register as a sex offender for sexually assaulting a child in April of 2018.

Ramon Marroquin, 62, pleaded no contest to sexual assault of a child and criminal child enticement for luring a 7-year-old girl into his apartment with candy, kissing her and exposing himself to her.

The man was found guilty for both charges and will serve three years for each one, served concurrently. He will be credited 333 days served and will have 12 months of supervised release following his prison time.

Marroquin also has to register as a sex offender.

The incident is alleged to have happened in April near 45th and Blondo.

Prosecutors allege that Marroquin kissed the child, exposed his penis and asked her to touch it.

The child's mother asked her why she had gone to a stranger's apartment. The mother tells 6 News that her daughter said he was not a stranger because he gave her candy.

The girl told her mother that Ramon Marroquin stood in the back of the building. Without saying a word he waved her over, gave her candy and then brought her into his basement apartment.