Lincoln man unknowingly attempts to use counterfeit bill

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LINCOLN, Neb. – The Lincoln Police Department is reminding residents to be on the look out for counterfeit bills, including those of lower monetary value.

Authorities said a 54-year-old Lincoln man made a purchase at Casey’s General Store, located at 1445 S 17th Street, on Monday, and paid with a $20 bill.

The man reported he received a $10 bill in change, and later attempted to use that bill at a Lincoln Menard’s.

Menard’s notified the man it was a counterfeit bill, and he alerted Casey’s General Store.

Casey’s is reviewing surveillance to see who passed the bill.

The Lincoln Police Department released the following statement:

“As the holiday shopping season begins, we encourage citizens to inspect all cash they are given. Lincoln has seen an increase in lower denomination counterfeit bills. Whether you are receiving cash from a person or a store, inspect it to look for obvious signs of counterfeiting.”

For more information on counterfeit bills, click here.

According to Lincoln Police, there are a number of ways to identify counterfeit money:

1. Look at it. Seems silly but people accept wadded up cash and don't inspect it. Open the money and inspect it.

2. Feel it. US Currency is made from cotton and linen fibers and will feel different than standard paper. The paper used for currency is not sold to the public and cannot be duplicated. Genuine currency has slightly textured ink. Counterfeit money can feel thicker than genuine currency.

3. Look for blurry areas. Counterfeiters cannot duplicate the printing detail and commonly have blurry spots or ink that runs.

4. If something looks or feels off, trust your gut.

5. Don't let the person pressure you to rush because this may be a distraction so you wont notice the money is counterfeit.

In addition, LPD added that each real bill features a portrait of a famous American statesman on its face and an image reflective of the nation’s history on the back. Sometimes, counterfeit money is a lower denomination bill disguised to be a larger bill, police said. So people are advised to make sure the bill has the matching denomination and pictures.

$1: President George Washington on the front. Image of the Great Seal of the United States on the back.

$5 President Abraham Lincoln on the front. Image of the Lincoln Memorial on the back.

$10: Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton on the front. Image of the Treasury building on the back.

$20: President Andrew Jackson on the front. Image of the White House on the back.

$50: President Ulysses Grant on the front. Image of the U.S. Capitol Building on the back.

$100: Benjamin Franklin on the front. Image of Independence Hall on the back.