Manzitto breaks ground on Lincoln Sports Complex

LINCOLN, Neb - Manzitto broke ground, or snow, today at SW 14th and West O St for the Lincoln Sports Complex. Developers, and parents, say it is a desperately needed addition for Lincoln's recreational needs.

Sam Manzitto, president of Manzitto, has been traveling all over Nebraska for his children's sports games.

"To go to different practices, traveling outside of Lincoln for most of the tournaments and we started thinking, 'You know, Lincoln needs something like this, here, in our town,'" said Manzitto.

Manzitto met with Matt Cumro, president of Supreme Court Basketball and Maggie Griffin, director of Volleyball Club Nebraska and they decided to create the Lincoln Sports Complex. Manzitto said both coaches talked with parents on their team and they were excited for the new addition.

"We're really excited to create a great environment for them, as athletes, but also as people too. Where they can come after school, and they feel safe and cared for," said Griffin. "It's a great environment with good people they want to be around. So we want it really to be like a home for them."

The complex will house eight basketball courts, which can convert into 12 volleyball courts. The complex will have an athletic training center as well. It is expecting to bring in more than 4,500 athletes from kindergartners to high school seniors in the first year.

"For kids in general, having a place where they can be active and being part of a team is really important for youth, and for girls especially growing up," said Griffin. "I had that opportunity, and I think it's very important for their development. Again, not just as athletes, but as people too, as they get older."

The complex will also host events like Special Olympics, the Cornhusker State Games and even corporate events. The project is expected to be completed by this fall and is expecting to employ around 200 people.

"To raise the bar for athletics in Lincoln. I just think it's a great opportunity for everybody," said Manzitto.