Marijuana activist Gabel enters race for Lincoln mayor

Published: Oct. 28, 2018 at 1:15 PM CDT
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Krystal Gabel, an advocate for marijuana legalization, is running for Lincoln mayor.

Gabel announced the news on Facebook Thursday.

"Lincoln needs fresh, nonpartisan leadership to build a smarter, greener economy that directly benefits the community and Nebraska’s future," Gabel says on her website.

Gabel, who running as an Independent, lists the top item of her platform as legalizing marijuana in Lincoln.

"By implementing a full cannabis decriminalization policy within Lincoln City limits, residents will be able to legally possess marijuana and grow plants for personal use (no sales)," Gabel wrote on Facebook. "The City of Lincoln and LPD would no longer pursue low-level marijuana cases (possession and consumption) and actively work to seal all past marijuana convictions en masse. My intent is to save the city thousands in marijuana enforcement costs and apply that money to city expenses that are currently funded by property taxes."

Her platform also includes starting a citywide free bus service, creating a zero waste program and encouraging e-commerce companies to expand and thrive in Lincoln. You can see her full platform on her


Gabel unsuccessfully challenged Gov. Pete Ricketts in the Republican primary earlier this year, and fell short in an attempt to run for Omaha City Council last year.

Mayor Chris Beutler, a Democrat, and Lincoln City Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm, a Republican, have both announced they'll run for mayor in 2019, although Beutler would be ineligible to run again if the term limits proposal passes.