Matt McKay survives health scare

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Matt McKay is a natural born giver and ever since this Seattle native arrived in Lincoln in 1999 he's made a habit of lending a helping hand anyway he can. But not long ago, Matt was the one needing a helping hand after he got the scare of his life, "I felt this pain in my chest and my shoulders and my stomach and just kind of kept building and little did I know I was having a heart attack."

Matt's blood pressure shot up to 183 over 126 and his wife Cari rushed him to Bryan East Hospital, "My worst fear in the hospital was obviously death and having Cari have to say goodbye to my girls for me."

Matt thought his time on this earth was over, "Basically, I just got to a point where I was looking at Cari and saying, 'Tell my story, make sure, make sure the girls know how much I love them.'"

At 41 years of age, Matt thought he was too young to have a heart attack... turns out, he was wrong, "To see that, knowing it can happen to anyone, somebody who does feel fine, somebody who has high energy, I get up every morning, I love what I do, I'm happy in life, I've got a wonderful family, 41 years old and you have a heart attack...this is my third I guess, I had one last year and I didn't even know it."

Even though he is rehabbing and is now feeling good physically and eating better, Matt is still adjusting to the emotional impact of his heart attack, "I'm having struggles. I'm laying in bed wondering what God's reason for this was and I've gotten past that, I'm not asking why any more, I'm asking what do you want me to do with this? What is my purpose? What is the reason that I'm here. I've got a mission. I just don't know what it is."

One thing Matt does know is that he wants to tell the world to get their blood pressure checked. Because heart attacks can happen to anyone at any age. You can hear Matt on the radio weekdays from 6 to 10 a.m. on 106.3 KFRX.