Medicaid expansion backers fear measure could be sabotaged

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LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -- Now that voters have approved a proposal to expand Medicaid in Nebraska, groups that fought for the measure are gearing up to put the new law into effect -- and keeping watch for attempts to sabotage it.

Nebraska lawmakers still need to approve funding for the expansion, and Gov. Pete Ricketts' administration has to submit a request to the federal government to amend the state's current Medicaid plan so an additional 90,000 low-income citizens can qualify.

Opponents in the Legislature acknowledge it's highly unlikely they'll get the 33 votes needed to amend the voter-approved law but promise a contentious debate over how to pay for it.

Expansion supporters said they're wary given the experience in Maine, where a 2017 statewide vote for Medicaid expansion was met by numerous delays.