Member of Aubrey Trail sex cult takes the stand; says Trail told her he was a vampire who could fly

WILBUR, NEB. - 06/18/2019 - Defendant Aubrey Trail listens as Asst. Nebraska Attorney General Sandra Allen delivers her opening statement to the jury on Tuesday, June 18, 2019, at Saline County District Court. FRANCIS GARDLER, Journal Star
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A 22-year-old woman took the stand at the Sydney Loofe murder trial to share her account of being a "witch" in Aubrey Trail's sex cult.

The woman, who we've been ordered not to identify, said she met Trail and his co-defendant Bailey Boswell in July 2017 over Tinder.

After matching with Boswell on the dating app, she was introduced to Trail who told her he could provide a lifestyle unlike any other.

She told jurors Trail offered to pay for her car payments, rent and put her through school.

Trail asked her if she could have one thing in the world, what would it be- she told Trail she wanted her adoptive father dead because he sexually abused her for 10 years. Trail told her he could make that happen.

After this initial meeting Trail told the woman to think about joining his lifestyle.

The woman said she never told Trail or Boswell she wanted in, "I just kept coming around," she said.

That's when she started learning more. Trail told her he had a group of 12 women who he said were witches. Trail told her she could be the 13th.

He said the witches all had special powers that they got after taking souls. That meant to kill someone, the woman said.

She said Trail often talked about killing, once or twice a week the woman said. She believed Trail had killed before, mulitple times.

She said at one point Trail even tried to find her a woman to kill and she agreed to do it but it never happened.

Trail told the woman he was a vampire and required his witches to call him "daddy." He also said he could fly and read minds.

The woman said she believed him.

"He was very convincing," she said.

She said Boswell was a witch too, and the other members of the cult called her the "queen witch."

Trail required the members of his cult to spend at least one night at his apartment in Wilber a week. At those sleepovers the woman, Boswell and Trail would often engage in sexual activity. Many times Trail would just watch as Boswell and the women had sex.

Trail would often ask the woman how she wanted to torture people. The woman told the jury she told Trail she wanted to burn, cut and scalp people.

She said Trail would often choke her and Boswell while having sex but neither of them either lost consciousness.

She said Trail would require her to help with the antiquing business by cleaning antiques or writing price tags. She said he never used bleach or tools on his antiques.

Trail let her keep money she made selling his antiques, which he told her were stolen.

Trail also paid for her car payment and rent a few times, gave her a $200 allowance each week and offered her money whenever she was in need, even after she left the cult, she said.

The woman said she left when faced with the fact that she may have to kill someone in September, 2017. She said Trail told her she could leave whenever she wanted, until she took a soul.

The woman will continue her testimony Tuesday. The prosecution plans on calling more women apparently involved in the sex cult.

The Sydney Loofe murder trial entered its third week on Monday, and once again defendant Aubrey Trail was not in the courtroom.

Trail has been absent from the trial since he had an outburst and cut his throat with what was likely a piece of a razor blade on June 24.

On Monday, the prosecution continued questioning FBI Special Agent Mike Maseth about various interviews he did with Trail about Loofe’s disappearance.

Maseth first interviewed Trail on November 30, right after he and his co-defendant Bailey Boswell were arrested in Branson, Missouri.

At that point, Maseth said Trail maintained he and Boswell’s innocence, adding it wasn’t until Trail was shown a photo of Loofe’s severed arm on December 4, that Trail began to give any information about her death.

“He sat back in his chair and said 'wow'. He continued to say they didn’t have anything to do with it. I said we need help to find out where the rest of Sydney is and he said I don’t know I can’t help you,” Maseth said on the stand.

However, on December 5 in an interview, Maseth said Trail started revealing more details about Loofe’s death.

Maseth said Trail didn’t give many details, but explained Boswell wasn’t involved in Loofe’s death, but did play a role in cleaning up after she was killed and disposing of her body.

Maseth said he alluded to involvement in witchcraft, saying he was involved with a group of women with special powers and it could have been one of them who killed Loofe, but it wasn’t him.

It wasn’t until an interview in February that he began telling the story jurors heard Friday about Loofe’s death being an accident that happened during a sex act.

More testimony will be heard on Monday afternoon.