Miss USA returns to high school to share message of hope

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PAPILLION, Neb. -- Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers, had a bit of a triumphant return on Friday.

Nebraska's first ever Miss USA returned to the high school where she graduated to share her journey with the students.

A pep band serenaded Summers as she walked through the doors of Papillion La Vista South, something she hasn't done since she graduated in 2013.

Summers reminisced about the good times, but said that things weren't always easy.

"I didn't love high school. It was pretty hard for me at times, but now I'm the first ever Miss Nebraska as Miss USA and it's a dream to be able to come back and speak to the students in the seats that I once sat in," Summers said.

She told students how she was a victim of bullying and ate lunch alone in the halls.

Summers said she didn't let these acts define her or keep her from her goals, something that resonated with some students.

It's weird because, like, you don't really think of celebrities, like, having struggles at all. They seem like perfect people, but it's kind of different to see, like, how they also struggled kind of like we do and our lives, so it shows us that we also can follow our dreams like she did," said student Charlie Anderson.

Summers' biggest message to students was to be kind to one another.

"My biggest message to anyone that isn't being kind of is being hurt by hurtful words and not kind words is it gets better and it's a choice to either be hateful or to be kind, and it's a happier choice. It's a more life-giving choice to be kind to others," she said.

Summers will compete for Miss Universe in Dec.