More Republicans voted in general election, data shows

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LINCOLN, Neb. – Despite a mayoral race that put a Democrat in office for the 20th straight year, more Republicans than Democrats voted in the Lincoln general election.

According to the Lancaster County Election Commission, 22,642 Republicans showed up to vote on May 7, compared to 22,589 Democrats.

6,844 non-partisan voters came to the polls, as did 338 registered Libertarians.

Democrat Leirion Gaylor-Baird defeated Republican Cyndi Lamm by 5,489 votes in the race for Lincoln mayor.

In addition, Democrat James Michael Bowers won the Lincoln City Council District 1 seat, and Democrat Tammy Ward won the council’s District 4 seat in a lopsided race.

Republican Richard Meginnis defeated his Democratic opponent in the race for Lincoln City Council District 2.

Voter turnout for the general election was the highest in 16 years, with more than 61,000 people heading to the polls.

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