Most recent building codes help prevent electrical fires in homes

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - For electricians in Lincoln, many houses do not have modern wiring, which if not properly maintained can cause serious problems.

One electrician, Shane Miller, said,"there's plenty of times where I've seen some scorch wires and said you probably should take care of this and tell them the right way to do things."

Miller said the with number of appliances most people run in their homes today, electrical fires can easily happen without the proper safeguards.

One of those safeguards is an ark fault breaker, which can sense sparks within an electric circuit, and shut it off before a fire occurs.

"Really anything with a heating element or a large motor can draw a lot of electricity and it really should be the only thing on that circuit," said Miller.

He added, "where alot of times you see people plugin multiple devices that draw alot of electricity."

According to fire investigators, electrical fires typically do not happen spontaneously, and they instead come with multiple warning signs.

"As a typical homeowner, if they're blowing fuses then they're exceeding the ban number of the circuits that are currently in place," said David Gross, fire investigator for the city of Lincoln.

Lincoln Fire and Rescue attributed the fire at a home near 48th and Adams to electrical wiring from a ceiling fan.

According to Gross, the amount of electricity used daily can also play a part.

"Whether its a cell phone charger,, a cable box, a TV, the Xbox, PlayStation 4, DVD player all of that.," he said.

He continued, "as soon as you start kicking on all of these appliances they all add up."