Mounted Patrol adds two new officers on horseback

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Two new police officers have completed their training and will soon hit the streets of Omaha on horseback.

Omaha Police Officer Kyle Crick began his training with the mounted patrol last September. The 10-year police veteran has completed his training and will patrol in the southeast precinct.

Officer Crick will be riding Valor - one of two horses recently donated to the department.

Crick says patrolling on a horse gives him more opportunities to interact with the public.

“Most people aren’t going to come to talk to you if you’re driving a police cruiser around but if you’re sitting on a horse downtown they’re going to talk to you, have some conversation with people. It’s good to start some dialogue and show officers in a positive way.

Officer Crick received his graduation certificate. Valor got to eat some kale cake.

Blue also finished training. Officer Rich Stickney will work with Blue.

Both horses will officially start patrol on May 17th.