Movie Mogul Remembered in Wahoo

WAHOO, Neb.- At the Saunders County Museum in Wahoo, you can learn about a native son that once had a huge influence on Hollywood.

Darryl Zanuck was born in Wahoo in 1902. Eventually, he and his mother went to California, and he became a writer for Warner Brothers. He climbed the ranks through the motion picture industry, and became the head of 20th Century Fox. He worked with many of the names in the Golden Age of Hollywood, everyone from Shirley Temple to Bing Crosby. "He was known as one of the Hollywood moguls, so if you ever look up what a Hollywood mogul is, Darryl Zanuck's name pops up quite often," Saunders County Historical Society Curator Erin Hauser said.

In the museum, you can see plenty of memorabilia dedicated to Darryl Zanuck. There are even two Oscars on display. One of them was for a movie he produced called "How Green is My Valley". The other Oscar was given to him by an actor who appeared in a movie he produced called "Disraeli."

But Zanuck isn't the only famous man you can learn about at the Saunders County Museum. There are four other notable names to come from Wahoo. One is Howard Hanson who was a Pulitzer Prize-winning composer. Another is Sam Crawford who is in the baseball hall of fame, there is C.W. Anderson who was a well-known artist and author, and George Beadle who was an influential scientist. All of these people can be learned about during a visit to the Saunders County Museum.