Movie theater brings new life to Kimball main street

Published: May. 16, 2018 at 10:26 AM CDT
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If you are ready for some popcorn and a good movie, try the Goodhand Theater in Kimball.

The theater is run by all volunteers, and the community has returned the theater back to it's retro, 1950's feel. The theater is named after a woman who started the theater. Her name was Marie Goodhand. "She actually owned the American Theater in town," Kimball Mayor Keith Prunty said. "Business was good, she expanded and built this building in 1954, got it finished, and they had a naming contest, and they decided to name it the Goodhand Theater."

Over the years, the theater has been through quite a few owners, and since 2010, it hasn't been used. So a group called "Friends of the Goodhand", which is a non-profit formed by community residents, decided to bring movies back to Kimball. The first movie to be shown again after the renovations was in 2016, and it was "Money from Home" featuring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It was the same movie that Marie Goodhand opened her business with on May 6th, 1954.

Businesses in town sponsor the movies, they help out with concessions, and help out with cleanup afterwards. Concessions are quite reasonable, as we've come to expect from small-town movie theaters.

The mayor of Kimball says it's very important to have the movie theater up and running at night in Kimball. "If you come down here at night, it's lit up," Prunty said. "My goal is to have lights on in our downtown businesses, because it shows that you are prospering and you are here." As you might imagine, there is a fundraising effort underway to raise money for a new digital project for the theater. Many small town theaters are making the switch to digital, so they are able to show more current films.