Nebraska Softball players filed complaints of harassment, emotional abuse against Revelle

After 27 seasons, Huskers softball coach Rhonda Revelle has been placed on paid administrative leave, pending an investigation. (Source: KOLN)
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LINCOLN, Neb. – Multiple Nebraska softball players filed complaints against head coach Rhonda Revelle regarding emotional abuse, harassing text messages, and bullying, according to a release by the College Athlete Advocacy Initiative (CAAI).

Revelle was placed on administrative leave in early July before being reinstated by Athletic Director Bill Moos on August 25.

Revelle, 57, has been leading the softball program for 27 years.

According to a release by the CAAI, at the end of the 2019 season, multiple players shared concerns with Nebraska Athletic Director Bill Moos.

The concerns include Revelle intruding into "athletes’ personal lives, and harassing text messages from the coach at all hours of the day,” the release states.

Multiple athletes also reported being “forced to play through injuries,” according to the release.

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The University of Nebraska Athletic Department released the following statement on the situation:

“First and foremost the well-being of our student-athletes will always be the top priority at the University of Nebraska. As previously stated, the concerns brought forward by members of our softball program were taken very seriously.

We initiated a comprehensive review, and Coach Revelle and her staff understand the seriousness of the student-athlete concerns. As a result of the issues that were raised we have worked with Coach Revelle to address and alleviate those concerns moving forward.

The University cannot comment further on a personnel matter.”

During the investigation, multiple former players came out and supported Revelle.

"I’m tired of seeing athletes assume they are owed something. They don’t put in the work, so they need someone to blame. Instead of taking the constructive criticism, they feel personally attacked. Coach Revelle has my full support along with a whole army of alumni as well. #AllN" former Husker softball player Alicia Armstrong tweeted.

"Ridiculous. She’s a coach that loves her players and would do anything for them. Kids in this generation think they are always getting attacked and truly can’t receive PROFESSIONAL CRITICISM without crying or thinking someone is attacking them," former player Kiki Stokes tweeted.

Upon Revelle’s reinstatement, Moos said the University ran a “comprehensive review” of the situation.

“Our student-athletes’ well-being will always be the top priority at the University of Nebraska. Members of our softball team brought forward concerns regarding Coach Revelle and we took their concerns very seriously and initiated a comprehensive review," Moos said in a press release announcing Revell’s reinstatement. “"Coach Revelle and her staff understand the seriousness of the student-athlete concerns and are committed to providing a complete and positive student-athlete experience on the field, in the classroom and in life.”

According to the release by CAAI, some players are considering boycotting the team's first practice, which is slated for Sunday.