Multiple larcenies from cars reported at Lincoln middle school

Picture: MGN
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LINCOLN, Neb. – Lincoln Police are searching for the person responsible for breaking into four cars at Park Middle School on Tuesday night and stealing several items.

LPD said there was an evening class going on at the school and four vehicles had their windows broken.

Items were stolen from two of them, and the other two cars were rummaged through but nothing was taken.

Another vehicle had several BB gunshots in the window but the window did not break.

A purse was stolen out of one of the cars, police said, and the suspect tried to use the stolen credit cards at Walmart.

However, the person was canceling them at the time they were used, and police were able to get a video of the potential suspect.

Authorities said they are hoping to release the video shortly.

Police said the man ran eight cards at the self-checkout before one went through, and he proceeded to spend $500 on Walmart gift cards.