Museum is a highlight in Decatur

The building that houses the Decatur Museum was originally built in 1875, and it sets the stage for a great visit to town.

"We started a historical committee for the Lewis and Clark Days in 2003, and at that time we had a long-term goal of a museum," Museum Board of Directors President Jane Judt said. "In 2005, we located this building through one of our members, and with some money through the 'Future of Decatur' foundation, we purchased this building from a local resident and renovated it into a museum. We opened it in 2008."

It is one of the oldest, if not the oldest building in Burt County. "It is three layers of bricks. The bricks were made here in Decatur. The person that built the building, A.B. Fuller, had a brick yard, a lumber yard, and he built many buildings in the area. The Fuller family went on to live here for 50 years. A.B.'s daughter lived in the house until the 1950's," Judt said. Several other people acquired it through the years until the museum bought it.

The old house had been turned into apartments, and so work was done to bring the stairway back to its original condition. "All of the floors were re-finished, the window trim was adjusted, the ceilings were put back up, and we replaced the column supports in the columns," Judt said. As you can see, the building needed extensive renovation for it to become the Decatur Museum.

If you'd like to make a road trip to Decatur, the museum is open from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Most board members live in town, so if you come on another day, you are still likely to get in for a tour.