MyLNK app provides resources to people in Lancaster County

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The free app works offline and simply takes information that is already available from DHHS and the Center for People in Need and creates a simple format for people to access.

The app can be downloaded for Apple and Android phones and it works offline. It doesn't need a data plan or WiFi.

It contains services and resources from nearly 400 organizations and 700 programs. It is broken up into categories and there is a word search and calendar for events like food distribution and health services.

It took more than a year of work and dozens of volunteers from Leadership Lincoln, Don't Pan!c Lab, the DHHS and the Center for People in Need.

One Lincoln woman who stepped into the Center for People in Need for the first time Monday downloaded the MyLNK app.

"It will be very helpful, because I would have to keep going to the actual handbook to look for stuff when the app has actually has more information than what the book actually provides you," Rufaria Minor said.