Mysterious drones spotted flying above central Nebraska

 Photo courtesy: Pixaby/MGN
Photo courtesy: Pixaby/MGN (KKTV)
Published: Jan. 6, 2020 at 4:33 AM CST
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Grand Island Police confirm drones were seen flying above the city on Sunday night. According to GIPD, these are the first documented reports of these drones in the area.

Reports of the drones began around 8:00 p.m. Sunday and continued until about 9:30 p.m.

GIPD officers also reported seeing multiple drones flying in the area.

Investigators are not sure where the drones are from or who is operating them. They are working to determine that information.

Sgt. Steve Sloan said they are in contact with the airport but haven't been in contact with any other agencies that are also getting reports of drones.

While some have commented on shooting down the drones, police want to remind people that it's not only against the city code but that it is dangerous and negligent.

Hastings Police also confirm reports of drones flying Sunday night.

HPD received reports of drone sightings near Juniata, Westbrook and near the Hastings airport. Sgt. Josh Fink said officers checked the area where they were being reported and found nobody around.

He adds that one of his officers saw one, followed it but was unable to track it back to where the pilot was.

HPD said there's no information available to be able to determine where the drones came from.

When asked if there is any reason for people to be concerned, Sgt. Fink said no.

In western Nebraska, the Chase County Sheriff’s Office is also investigating sightings of drones.

Chase County authorities have been working with surrounding agencies in Nebraska and Colorado. They have also been in contact with the Department of Homeland Security, FAA, and FBI.