14th and Warlick road work starts Monday

Published: Mar. 23, 2017 at 6:03 PM CDT
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The state will begin the major reconstruction of Warlick Boulevard next week. The $7.7 million project is expected to be completed next year, and two years later, the city will begin their major project for the area: a two-tiered round about.

"It is a little silly that they're going to repair the intersection that they're going to tear up for the new intersection," said Roy Miller who lives and works in the area.

The projects are separate. The state owns Warlick and is focusing on repairs. The city's focus is on relieving traffic congestion, which has been a problem in the area for quite some time. Their round-about project is estimated to cost $24 million, but the design is still being completed.

Business owners like Rajit Singh have concerns with how it affects their bottom line.

Singh said, "I don't have alot of walk in traffic. I have alot of driving traffic."

"99% or 100% of my business is driving traffic, so that's a big concern. If you can't have customers come in your store, i don't know what we're gonna do," he added.

If traffic slows due to the construction, businesses like Singh's may suffer.

" I might worry about closing do we if i can't pay my bills. What are we going to do? The city's not going to pay my bills are they? I don't think so," said Signh.

People who live in the area are concerned about the everyday commutes, and how they might be affected.

'For us here, the biggest problem is going to be getting out of the neighborhood. Going to work, going to school, going to the store, so that's going to be a problem," said Miller.

Despite the city's public hearing, some people who have been following the developments feel that the decisions have already been made.

"It looks like the city has decided what they want to do, and i disagree with it," said Signh.

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