NDOT reviews construction plans for 2019 fiscal year

Among the construction projects for District 6 and North Platte is the ongoing improvement of...
Among the construction projects for District 6 and North Platte is the ongoing improvement of Phillip Avenue. (Source: Erika Siebring, KNOP TV) (KNOP)
Published: Aug. 23, 2019 at 3:49 PM CDT
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The Nebraska Department of Transportation is planning out its construction projects after a difficult winter.

The department dealt with a large amount of snow and got hit again with rain in the spring, leaving 3,300 miles of highways flooded.

However, all the affected systems should be fully functional by the end of the fall. For District 6 and North Platte, a major project for the 2019 fiscal year is the continued restructuring of interstate 80.

NDOT Director Kyle Schneweis says it is a project the state has been chipping away at for awhile, as the upgrading of the state's transportation does take some time.

"There's some other areas of the region that the roads haven't really been touched much for decades, and you've got narrow roads with very limited shoulders and we're getting out and trying to make some of those improvements," Schneweis said. " You know it's that slow and incremental process of upgrading our transportation system."

A six-year highway program has been complied listing critical projects and modifications. The interstate 80 construction has to do with improving the overall rideability and smoothness of the road, which should also be completed by this fall.

As far as other projects, the department is also starting work on the I-76 and I-80 interchange, which is a complete reconstruction that will take about 2.5 years. District 6 Engineer Gary Thayer says pavement condition on a road is a major factor in determining the urgency of some projects.

"Age of, the amount of deterioration that either the traffic loadings and mother nature has done to that pavement over the years of its life," Thayer said.

Other projects for this fiscal year include improvements to Highways 21, 30 and 61.