NE-TF1 awaiting orders as Irma hits Florida

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) -- Nebraska Task Force 1 is currently awaiting orders as Hurricane Irma hits Florida.

In a conference call Sunday morning, the task force said the crew is in stand-by mode at Eglin Airforce Base, near Destin, Florida, waiting for the storm to progress and pass to see where they'll be needed.

The team said it took about 22 hours for the caravan of about 20 vehicles to make it to the base, but everybody is in good spirits and anxiously waiting to be able to help.

Task Force 1 isn't sure how long they'll be deployed yet, but said depending on how hard Irma hits, they could be deployed for up to 14 days.

Several members of the task force were in Texas just last week, helping out after Hurricane Harvey hit the area.

For those wondering why the task force was deployed before the storm instead of after the damage has been done, NE-TF1 said it makes it easier on the team to be able to get to the area, set up and be prepared and help immediately after the storm hits.