NSP Bomb Squad disposes of live grenade, railroad torpedoes

The grenade pictured is the actual grenade that NSP destroyed. The railroad torpedo pictured is an example of what the railroad torpedoes look like. Courtesy: NSP.
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LINCOLN, Neb. – Explosives Technicians with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) have disposed of multiple dangerous explosive devices found in Nebraska this week.

On Wednesday, March 21, a grenade was found in McCook. The NSP Bomb Squad was dispatched to the scene and determined that the grenade was live and had been modified. It was transported to the McCook Police Department range were it was safely destroyed with counter charges.

On Thursday, March 22, nine old railroad torpedoes were found in Crete. The torpedoes are designed to attach to the rail and use explosive material to create a loud sound to signal to the engineer that a hazard is ahead. The explosive material becomes unstable and more dangerous as the torpedoes age. NSP’s Bomb Squad was dispatched and safely destroyed the torpedoes with counter charges.

These two incidents provide a reminder for the public that they should contact their local law enforcement agency if they come across any potentially dangerous explosive items. The NSP Bomb Squad partners with many agencies throughout Nebraska to provide assistance in these situations.