NSP trooper assaulted in NE Nebraska incident

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NORFOLK, Neb. -- One man was arrested after pulling out a machete and assaulting a Nebraska State Trooper outside a home in northeast Nebraska Tuesday evening.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. at a residence at 616 N. West Street, in Plainview.

The trooper went to the residence to follow-up with a woman on a previous car accident, when he was confronted by a man outside the home.

The man, identified as Billy Ray Hoscheit, 52, reached into a vehicle, pulled out a machete, and continued yelling at the trooper.

Hoscheit then put the machete back into the car and approached the trooper.

The trooper pushed him away, but Hoscheit charged again leading to a physical confrontation.

At that time, Hoscheit struck the trooper in the face.

The trooper called for back-up and additional officers from the Plainview Police Department, Pierce County Sheriff’s Office, and Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) arrived at the scene.

Hoscheit went inside the house and locked the door. After attempting to get Hoscheit to voluntarily surrender, officers made entry into the house.

A second struggle ensued in which Hoscheit was taken into custody.

After being taken into custody, Hoscheit began complaining of chest pains and was transported to the Plainview Hospital where he was evaluated and released.

NSP arrested Hoscheit for assault on an officer, resisting arrest, obstruction, and disobeying a lawful order. He was lodged in Pierce County Jail.

The trooper was evaluated and released from the Plainview Hospital.