NSP works through severe weather

Published: May. 22, 2019 at 9:48 PM CDT
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A Nebraska State Trooper took an incredible picture on Tuesday night, showing his patrol car with a tornado in the background.

The twister was actually an EF3 that lifted just a few hundred yards from the Nebraska Kansas border.

Trooper Clint Zost says as soon as he heard the weather was getting bad he headed down to that area.

He says the Nebraska State Patrol trains them for these severe weather situations and tells them what to look out for, so they can be ready to help.

Zost and NSP Investigator Tom Giffee took videos near Richardson county.

"We just ended up following that tornado as it went up and down into the clouds,” said Trooper Zost.

After seeing the first tornado, Zost says he wanted to make sure everyone in the area was safe and that they were prepared for what was headed their way.

"I was able to contact the sheriffs in Richardson County and let them know to activate sirens because we did have a tornado on the ground,” said Zost.

He says with everyone on the patrol working different hours they are able to always have eyes on the ground even when others are inside taking shelter.

"We would be the first responder if something happened if a tornado did happen to hit somebody's property or house, we're able to respond to that immediately,” said Zost.

For State Troopers, they are right in the middle of blizzards, floods and tornadoes like this one, calling in weather events, responding to damage and keeping people safe.

"If nobody was letting anyone know, that tornado could hit and they would never have any future knowledge of it coming, the sirens wouldn't go off,” said Zost.

Zost says troopers are trained to recognize weather phenomenon like rotation in the clouds.

And now that we're in severe weather season, they will be giving frequent weather reports to dispatchers around the state.

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