Nazi propaganda found in Lincoln Little Free Libraries

Published: Jul. 21, 2018 at 2:03 PM CDT
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Community members are upset after Nazi propaganda was found in several Little Free Libraries in Lincoln.

At least 18 Little Free Libraries had "You and Your Folk," a Nazi propaganda book, placed in them late Friday or early Saturday morning, community members and Little Free Library stewards said.

Lacey Losh, a steward, said they've had their Little Free Libraries vandalized in the past.

"My library has been fortunate, but I know of several that have been vandalized in some way before," Losh said. "The problem with this is that if you don't get to it in time, people who are looking for this to be an inclusive environment are going to be very turned off by what they find in here."

Losh said there is not much regulation when it comes to what goes in Little Free Libraries, but she said she wants to be more vigilant.

"We, as stewards, have to keep an eye on these things, but we can't catch everything or recognize less common titles, so we also need people who use the libraries to keep an eye out for this kind of thing," Losh said.

The pictures below show the books that were found in the Fallbrook neighborhood Saturday morning. Those same books were found in the others that reported finding Nazi propaganda, too. It has since been removed from the libraries that found it.

A Little Free Library is a small box, located outdoors, which is designed to hold books for people to share.

Little Free Libraries are constructed by citizens or other private groups, and are not associated with Lincoln City Libraries.

In response to the findings, Goldenrod Printing told 1011 it is making bookmarks to place in the Little Free Libraries around Lincoln that denounce hate speech and promote inclusion.

"We will give every one of them a sign or two, whatever they want," owner Frank Roark said. "We also want to design a different bookmark for each library. We're hoping if people see the signs, it will discourage them from doing something like this."

Roark said he was upset when he heard about the pamphlets.

"I can't say the words, but I was upset to say the least," Roark said. "My message for the people distributing this is, 'Waste all your ink. I've got plenty."

Similar books were found in several Little Free Libraries in Omaha, last week.