Nebraska Box brings local-grown food to the dinner table

LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - On Wednesdays, Adam Beckman, a Lincoln farmer, packs up his cherry tomatoes and drives them from his farm on the southeast side of Lincoln to a small warehouse in town.

Adam Beckman holds the cherry tomatoes he's picked and sending out next week to the Nebraska Box.

Beckman said local touch makes all the difference in his produce.

"That fresh product tastes so much better," said Beckman. "After a while, produce loses its flavor profile."

This week his tomatoes will be part of the Nebraska Box.

"You get things that are fresher, you get things that have a little more nutritional variety, you can even have a say in things that are grown," said Beckman.

Beckman's tomatoes can be in your refrigerator with the click of a mouse. Lone Tree Foods offers 4 customizable boxes starting at $80/month. To learn more or subscribe, follow this link.

The General Manager at Lone Tree Foods, Erin Schoenberg said originally the box was decided by the company and customers couldn't choose what they found inside. But that all changed.

"People know what they want and they just want to feel like they're getting the best value out of it," said Schoenberg. "That keeps them happier."

Lone Tree Food packs in a variety of products from up to 40 growers into the weekly boxes. Schoenberg and Beckman agree, this is the most efficient way to connect farmers to your dinner table. Said Schoenberg:

"We want to make farmers' lives easier and consumers' lives easier."

Beckman said he likes to be able to take care of his community.

"I like to provide things that I know taste good," said Beckman. "To know that people enjoy that, they're recognizing that same quality that I recognize, that I want to provide."