Nebraska City could have three bridges open by July

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NEBRASKA CITY -- With bridges closed on three main roads for Nebraska City, including the Missouri River bridge on Highway 2, the Fourth Corso viaduct and the Table Creek Bridge on North 11th Street, city commissioners welcomed some good news Monday.

Construction Facilities Manager Marty Stovall said the Fourth Corso viaduct, which was closed four years ago when a street crew found a hole through the concrete deck, is on track to re-open in July.

Stovall: “The pedestrian rail, guard rail is in place. The next steps will be to start some fencing and some lighting on the bridge itself.”

Stovall said mainline paving on both sides is finished and crews are ready to pour the east side approach.

Stovall: “It’s going to come together pretty quick and I would take any suggestions on what type of celebration we may or may not have when we open that thing up. It’s approaching quick. Things are going well.”

He said the 11th Street bridge project is a month behind schedule, however.

He said it was a tough winter to build a bridge and the March flood held up transportation of bridge girders across the Platte River.

A bridge inspection program in 2017 indicated that eight of Nebraska City’s 14 bridges are in need of repair.

City commissioners agreed Monday to seek bids for repair of creek bridges at First, 10th and 16th streets.