Nebraska DHHS helps reunite families

LINCOLN, (Neb.) Every year hundreds of children are adopted in Nebraska. Depending on the kind of adoption, many kids grow up knowing little to nothing about their birth parents. Because of this, the Nebraska Department of Health and Humans Services provides a free service to help people track down their relatives.

Lori Holscher spent 37 years thinking about the few hours she got to spend with her daughter Brandy Hocking. “I remember there was a paper towel dispenser and I could see us in it. So I kind of held her and looked up at it and what I looked like holding you,” Holscher said.

Waiting for her daughter to make the first move, decades passed before Brandy called adoption search coordinator Christine Jones. Jones loves reuniting families, but she says she plays a small part in the grand scheme of things. “It’s not really the end of their journey. It’s really just the beginning.”

After reaching out, Brandy waited patiently for Jones to find her birth mother and make sure that she wanted to be found. “I just cried when I saw the envelope. I didn’t have to know what was in it,” said Lori.

With dozens of years to catch up on Brandy calls their meeting a fresh sheet of paper and says together they can write their story.

Nebraska DHHS can help adoptees find family members if they meet the following criteria:
1. Adoptee is 21 or older; and
2. Born in Nebraska; and
3. Were the subject of an attorney facilitated domestic adoption without the benefit of an adoption agency, are unable to contact the child placing agency involved in the adoption or were under the supervision of the Department of Health and Human Services at the time of the adoption.

For more information on adoption searches call vital records at 402-471-0918 or visit the
DHHS website.