Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services under investigation

Published: Dec. 21, 2016 at 11:15 PM CST
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The inspector general of Nebraska child welfare, Julie Rogers is investigating Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services. Rogers says she's looking at all reported cases where a child in the state's care was sexually abused.

According to Rogers' press release the investigation is based off of the 36 reports her office received. These reports go back more than three years and include incidents at state facilities, foster homes and the homes of family members that were under the supervision of DHHS. Rogers says even one report of sex abuse is too many, especially when you consider who much these children have already been through. "They've been abused or neglected because they're already in the state's care or their vulnerable... it's a tough subject area," said Rogers.

Rogers say part of her investigation will be on if DHHS mishandled anything. When 1011 News asked Rogers if her department suspects DHHS has done anything wrong, she responded, "I can't comment without doing a thorough investigation and analyzing all the data and information and documentation."

Over the next few months Rogers says she is looking over all reports involving sex abuse of children under the state's care.