Nebraska Grandparent Encounters Phone Scam

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The story in this scam always starts out the same.

"Ma'am she was in a vehicle that had three and a half pounds of marijuana in it," said the Scammer.

They call older adults and claim one of their grandchildren, who they mention by name was involved in a drug bust in Mexico and the grandparents needed to wire money to get them out of custody.

"In order for them to be released today it would take $1,200 for an appearance bond, otherwise they would be detained for 6 to 8 weeks," said Grandparent Walter Werre.

In this case scammers even put a man on the phone who was able to imitate Walters Grandson and plead for his grandparents to send the money.

"Could not believe how the voice inflections and everything were very close to my grandsons, it fooled me," said Werre.

"When this younger man talked to my dad on the phone he thought it was my son," said Walter's Daughter Gina Behrens.

However several red flags made Walter unsure of the legitimacy of the call, one being the fact that his grandson had apparently been held in custody at the U.S. Embassy and not a jail, also that the scammers said they would get the money back after his grandsons court appearance, leading Walter to check in with his daughter.

"Reassured him that not my son had been home," said Behrens.

Now Walter wants others to be aware that scammers will sink to any low to get you money.

"Be really aware of the phone calls you get, don't believe people on the phone until you verify all the details," said Werre.