Nebraska Historical Society shows what locals were doing 76 years ago

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The bombing of Pearl Harbor was 76 years ago Thursday. The Nebraska Historical Society dug into their archives to find out what Nebraskans were doing in 1941.

"Remember your history or you're doomed to repeat it," said Chris Goforth, the Communications and Marketing Director at the Nebraska Historical Society.

There were 11 air force bases in Nebraska including one in Lincoln. There were also 23 POW camps that held nearly 12,000 German and Italian prisoners.

Also, during that time because men were drafted, women took over their roles in the field.

"One of the greatest impacts Nebraska had in the war was our agriculture, we had to feed our troops but we also had to feed our allies as well but many of the men were gone they joined the military to serve and fight in the war, so many woman decided to pick up where the men left off," he said.

There are currently four Pearl Harbor survivors living in Nebraska.
"It's fantastic that we still have people that were involved in Pearl Harbor to still be able to share their stories," said Goforth.

Three of them went to a memorial at the capitol where Governor Pete Ricketts proclaimed December 7th Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.