Nebraska Innovation Campus home to one of a kind stomach wellness facility

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LINCOLN, Neb. (KOLN) - Nebraska Innovated Studio hosted an event to showcase several of its dietary and nutrition programs Wednesday.

Source: (KOLN)

One of the groups is called Food for Health Center; a group that has invested over $40 million into its research.

What it researches is using micro-biome research to link agriculture and food production to wellness and disease prevention.

This would allow them to create nutrients in processed foods that wouldn't damage your stomach health.

Food for Health Center director Andy Benson said how plants and grains are produced affects everyone's diet differently.

Benson said, "We provide not only the discovery, but we translate that into the value because what we want to do is develop foods that have clinically proven efficacy."

UNL Professor of Food Microbiology Bob Hutkins said this study will benefit several with stomach issues.

"The expression 'you are what you eat' is probably pretty true, but it all happens because of the microbes that live in your gut," Hutkins said.

Innovation Studio also hosted three other dietary programs Wednesday including Nebraska Center for Prevention of Obesity Diseases, Food Allergy Research and Resource Program and Food Choice Economics.